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Please take a look at my updated website! There is also a "New Work" section for recent work and a new photo on my "About" page that Lizzie took. She is quite the budding photographer.




Grandpa in his shop. He can make or fix anything. He can take a discarded piece of furniture from a dumpster and fix it up and make you dream of having it in your home.

Every item has its place, and every item also has a story. You can't see the floor in this photo, but it's so clean you could practically eat off of it.



Dumont. Another fine establishment. The crispy baby artichoke salad is amazing. The mac and cheese is the perfect blend of cheeses. Everything else is good, but these two are my favorite items on the menu.

432 Union Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211



Quality Meats is as good as its gets. All around amazing. Appetizers, steaks, seafood, and homemade ice cream that is so good it will become the new standard to which you compare all other ice cream. (The creamsicle is the BEST flavor).

A fun anecdote. NYC is a stickler now for restaurant cleanliness and they are frequently doing spot checks at random. Just after we finished out main course we were informed that we had to leave and couldn't have desert because they were going about to start a cleanliness review by the health department (we checked and they ended up getting an A, the best rating). The manager came over, and comped the entire meal. And, said we could come back for dessert for free. Most amazing, and most economical, Quality Meats experience yet.

When you go, get the Caesar Salad to start. The Filet as the main course. The corn creme brûlée, parmesan waffle friers, and asparagus as sides and to finish up, the creamsicle ice cream.

Quality Meats
57 West 58th St
New York, NY 10019


Clouds over New Jersey

Photo from a flight out of JFK. Shortly after takeoff we were flying through some stunning clouds.


Real Salt Lake

I was in Utah for another orthodontic adjustment and went to my first Real Salt Lake soccer game. It was great. The stadium is really stunning as well. I love how it is situated up on the hill and looks over the valley. I highly recommend going.


MCI (Kansas City International Airport)

I spent about 4 hours looking at this view. Everything aligned for this photo (ironically right before I got on the plane). The gradation in the ski, the reflection of the interior lighting, the orange-vested workers.


Lincoln Center 3

Lincoln Center is one of my new favorite places to spend time. There are so many places to walk, sit, and relax (people watch).


Lincoln Center

Taking time to explore your own backyard can show you things you've never seen before.