Bubble Man: Central Park

Stephen, the Bubble Man, can be found in the park making enormous bubbles year round. When I saw the bubbles being made last week my own childhood bubble making memories came back and I ended up watching the bubble making for about 45 minutes.

Stephen and I talked after his bubble making solution ran out. He loves making bubbles and loves watching people enjoy them. The little kids loved popping them. Some of the older people started yelling at the little kids because they wanted to watch the bubbles float away. There was no stopping the kids. They continued popping the bubbles. Stephen was laughing and smiling the whole time.


Alexandra said...

These are beautiful :)

Catherine Williams Photography said...


Jessica and Reecey said...

Reece was especially impressed with the images in this post. He was like, "Jessica, we are so lucky to know Mark. He's going to be famous."

Just thought you should know you have some major fans in SLC.

Can't wait to see you next month!!!